Welcome to naturesartwoodsculptures.com

As a teenager I was in a life threatening accident. After all the surgery’s and hospital stays I spent the next 8 months in bed, followed by 3 years of intense physical therapy. I learned Calligraphy to give my mind an escape. I began to work with my hands and really liked it.

I began to develop a level of precision and an eye for detail that I’d never know previously. I also found a new determination and joy that helped me through the pain and doubt.

Through setting goals and never quitting, I was able to learn to walk again. Now I am a husband and a father. I am an entrepreneur.

And I believe I have an above average life!

Sometimes things happen we can’t control. I have come to realize that we choose the paths we take with our responses.

We are the captains of our own adventures.

What one man can do so can another! So I decided to engage in the creation of better than good leather products. Because in this life we strive, we continue, we exist in writing the future and when our turn is over and its time to go, we should give not only our love and wisdom, but leave behind some choice items just for fun.

I want to make things that are just that! Items that become you, products that are usable practical yet extremely durable.

Items that become part of your life.